K9s Can - Training Dogs and their owners


I provide practical dog training instruction that is customized to suit the needs of every dog and their owner. With a balanced approach we will teach your dog to consistently respond to your first command and stay “on command” until the next command is given or the dog is “released”. The training is effective, practical and concise for both dog and owner which results in an excellent success rate.

Tremendous progress can be made in as little as 2 or 3 private training sessions.  Effective training will dramatically increase the joy you experience as a pet owner and will ensure that your dog gets the chance to enjoy all the fun and stimulating opportunities that come his way.

Every dog can be trained regardless of age, breed, size, temperament. They require good nutrition along with consistent exercise and mental stimulation in order to be healthy, happy beings. Dogs thrive on direction and boundaries. As domesticated animals they rely on their human pack to provide leadership. Through training, we establish ourselves in the leadership role and the dogs gladly become the followers. With this understanding, the relationship between human and dog develops into respect, trust and love.

Training is available in 1 hour private or semi-private sessions with you and your dog at my home or yours as well as Accelerated Training for your dog in my home.

Accelerated Training is an intensive boarding and training program for your dog.  Your dog will stay at my home and receive training for two weeks (recommended minimum).  During this period your dog will have at least 6 one on one training sessions per day plus receive consistent corrections and praise for good behavior throughout the day.  This method of training is ideal if you don’t have the time, knowledge or desire to train your dog yourself or if you are experiencing difficult to handle behavior issues with your dog.  At the end of the accelerated training period I will provide you with a briefing regarding the commands and techniques that you will need to implement at home to reinforce the new skills your dog has acquired.

Regardless of the training option you choose, consistency will be the key to a well balanced, well behaved, happy dog!

I earned my designation in Professional Dog Training and Kennel Management in 2014 by completing the intensive certification program at Canada West Canine Centre.


Within Carp Area$50 per lesson
Outside of Carp Area$60 per lesson

Accelerated Training Program is also available – please contact me for more information.

Training could take as little as 2 or 3 hours or several sessions depending on the level of obedience that you wish to achieve.  With a small investment you can dramatically affect your dog’s behaviour which will lead to years of joy for both of you.

From Katreena Hodge

“Hi, we have known Bobbiann for about 8 years. We got a puppy (female cockapoo) in May and I immediately thought of Bobbiann to help us with her training. We’ve still got lots of practicing to do but Poppy has made a huge improvement with all the commands: heel, sit, down, stay and come. Poppy also goes to Bobbiann for daycare and overnight care. She is highly dependable and completely trustworthy, Poppy just loves her!”

From the Underwood Family

“Bobbiann not only are you a superb trainer, but you are genuinely a pleasure to be around because of your obvious love of dogs and what you do for a living. Thank you for giving us the tools and encouragement to help Jake adjust to his new life with us. We have seen tremendous progress and we are proud of seeing our hard work in him. We couldn’t have done it without your expertise! Thank you so much!”